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Lost Daughter


Lost Daughter, ink, oil and gold foil, on paper

Is it easier to understand a parent who has died because they can no longer contradict who you are, or is it because they see exactly who  you are and know what strangeness and danger lie ahead for one so intent, so strong and yest so foolish in all the vainglory that is the stuff of humans, especially those to dare to know the truth of dreams.

“How does it work?” – his favorite book and quote. I would like to think he rests in peace, but things have been falling off, falling down……with  a crash,  this morning, and dull thuds, from the wall, from supplies and drawings stacked too precariously high.  What final warning is this?



The Egg Lady has a mind of her own. I did a sketch of her last night. This morning I decided to copy the sketch onto cardstock and put some watercolor on it.  I didn’t realize I’d been moving her around and the egg had shifted……it looks like she is giving birth!

This is turning into an interesting project, thanks for the likes and comments and stay tuned!

Monkeying Around

I have been working with this little guy for a while. You wind him up and he polishes the red plastic boot. What happens when you wind him up again? He polishes the boot again. One day the key disappeared. I guess he got tired of of polishing that red boot over and over again. I’m going to have to get him a new key.



I drew this first with a mechanical pencil. I find it easier to be accurate and keep from getting too dark too fast with it. I used to draw way too dark just so I could see it better but going dark makes it harder to make corrections later and drawing is all about the corrections. Corrections, adjustments…..challenges…

Once I thought the drawing was accurate enough I started coloring it with color pencils, which you can see in the hat for example, look sketchy and thin, not substantial enough to depict a solid, three dimensional figure.

I could have worked over this with more layers of color pencils, but I find painting over to be a faster way of finishing. It’s not a race, so speed is not important that sense, but paint, acrylic paint in this case, covers better for areas that are just wrong. One of the crucial factors of making an image work is contrast and the heavier coverage makes it easier to see and depict the areas of contrasts, that is, to make the lights lighter and the darks (shadow areas) darker. In general I find blending with paints is also faster than trying to blend with pencils.

I have tried to depict this toy at least five or six times over the years – maybe more. The first sketches were awful! I’ll have to find them and show them to you. I think it’s hilariously funny how bad my first attempts were. You could say I was just “Monkeying Around,” lol.

It’s a lot easier to laugh when you can actually draw (and paint!), so for anyone interested in learning how to draw, start early and do it a lot because the last one is always the best one!



It has been too hot to do much of anything. I suspect that reminded me of long summers spent home from school as a child. I passed the time with paper dolls. So to that bit of nostalgia I will attribute the creation of this mixed media piece featuring a photo of my 1999 oil painting titled “The Jester.” It’s called “Boutique.”

Amy Bauer’s Art for the Holidays




When your friend’s artwork becomes part of the decor,

who could ask for anything more?

I purchased this lovely little mixed media on canvas from Amy Bauer. It has a meditative quality about it. I see a lady casting petals to the river or maybe feeding the fish and is the dash of red a pair of lips or a red tomato slowing sinking under? Who knows.

It’s amazing what you can do with bits of string and dabs of glue,

pretty tied ribbons,

I think it will do!