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When Opportunity Knocks….

VanessaWhen opportunity knocks, open the door. I was chatting outside with my lovely neighbor, when our conversation was interrupted by a call she had to take. To amuse myself, I began to draw, not knowing how long she would be talking; if she would be making excited gestures as she spoke and so forth. She stayed relatively motionless, absorbed in the conversation for a good ten minutes, leaving me plenty of time.

I did a quick sketch, feeling out the larger forms and continued on, selectively filling in details. By the time she was off the phone, I had plenty of time to sketch in the background – the stoop she was sitting on, with the handrail behind her. So I had not only done a quite nice portrait (I think anyway) I was able to give it a sense of place. Casual, comfortable, having a chat on the phone. Well done! I tell myself.