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I have enjoyed very much using all my new colors (the full Prismacolor set of colored pencils). I can aimlessly while away the hours in my Millie Marotta Animal Kingdom coloring book.

The book was a gift and only my second coloring book. The pages have an animal or two and or some birds in trees and a number of decorative mandalas. Entire scenes might be nice – there are some beautiful books out there with fairy forests – you can find anything imaginable in a color book these days.

I am happy with this because my goal is just to relax and not think. I would do a lot more thinking with more complex pictures. I sometimes think about painting the backgrounds or using watercolor, but going back to that not thinking and relaxing…..

I do wish I had been more careful. After so many hours of use the pages can get grubby – especially in the hot and humid months. Sometimes I use gloves or put a piece of paper under my hand.

I like the surface of the pages very much. Almost a completely smooth bristol. Takes color pencil better than anything else I have used color pencil on so far. So I must make it my business to get some paper like this for my color pencil drawings.

Below is a birthday card I made for myself. Yes, Happy Birthday to me! I drew one of my windup toys. I gave him a balloon to hold and put a present for me by the hooves of the donkey he rides. I don’t know what the present is….I’ll think of something – with the help of Amazon, probably, lol.

I didn’t give too much thought to the card either. It’s a birthday card. Nothing new about that – balloons, flowers, cute fuzzy things…..I am in favor of unique and exciting images, but I have let that get in the way so often and ended up not doing anything that I try to let it go a bit. There is always tomorrow.

Birthday 2017

I used the closest paper to hand which was some scrap paper. I take the scrap paper thing too far. I have gone from one extreme of it all has to be perfect paper and all to drawing on scrap paper I could easily toss in the garbage forgetting I drew something on it.

I did order some paper recently, online, and unfortunately it has too much tooth for what I wanted. It might be good for charcoal but I have not tried that yet.

I broke one of my sharpeners because of the color pencils. :(. When you use an electric sharpener for color pencils you need to sharpen a lead pencil after every couple of color pencils or else the wax builds up and kills it somehow. So I got another one and have been careful with it, but I have decided not to use it for color pencils. It is such a waste grinding down perfectly good lead pencils!

Instead I used a tiny hand held three hole sharpener that I have had for years. Decades. And then it disappeared somehow. So I got another one. In fact, I got two. In case one of these goes missing. I have some other sharpeners as well. One of the cheap plastic one works just as well. It is all a matter of taste.

As far as sharpening method – I have seen a number of artists lately describing a method that is new to me. You hold the pencil in the non-dominant hand and the sharpener (a handheld sharpener, not an electric) in the other. And then you turn the sharpener, not the pencil. I tried it and got a super sharp point in seconds! Great tip, thanks ladies!