What’s in My Sketchbook


The first drawing is the back view of a doll. The second drawing is of the doll again, but from the front and she is no longer alone, she is with the teddy. I am not sure why. Teddy seems a bit mystified that she is there. I was in a hurry to finish because I was tired – this is not a style I aim for, but it was that or no drawing at all today. I try to work when I can really focus in a better way – tomorrow is another day and I am not perfect.

I don’t often have the wherewithal to paint, which leaves me to draw. In the past I went through a long period of photo greeting cards, dabbled briefly with collage and also tried my luck with some journal making not to mention trending on the color book thing for a while.

Drawing is the most difficult of the things I work with. Truth be told about quite a few of my paintings – I arranged my compositions from my photos in a graphics program, cutting and pasting various objects, sizing etc. This was no cure all for lack of drawing because inevitably once I started painting the drawing disappeared under the paint and I was on my own.

I am a realist painter so this was a huge problem. The last few years that I have spent scouring videos to learn about the mechanics of drawing – guidelines, basic shapes before details started me on the road to really begin to draw and consciously see things in a “drawing way.” It takes a good deal of focus to see things as flat, to draw the negative shape and not the object and enough ability to slow down the mind deciding which is the better way to go. It took focus off some of my better abilities such as quality of line but that comes back in time; it really is an orchestration – time and tempo and instruments and sheparding your players toward a theme or vision – theme and vision also getting lost in the shuffle in search of draftsmanship.

As my drawing improves I feel a greater ability to express my subject matter faster and with more confidence. It is a hard won first step. I believe the emotional element for lack of a better term is still there because that is me – I am a person drawing not copy machine.

But it has been a while since I gave much thought to an overall goal or mission as I work. My subject matter remains dolls and toys. I hope to get back to what feeling there was for me about that in the past or see what it is in the present or maybe explore how theme evolves as I face mortality and so forth.

The stretch here has been to include a doll with the teddy. Not sure what their story is. Time to think about backgrounds.




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