Artie’s Journey

This is Artie.


Artie, tin lithograph windup

This is Artie the Clown and the Crazy Car, with Jo Jo the dog riding on the hood. As it states on the side of the Crazy Car, this tin lithograph windup toy was manufactured in Newark, New Jersey at the Unique Art Mfg. Co., Inc. Where this toy travelled between there his only other known destination (at least known to me)  and the hallowed halls of ebay I will probably never know except to say from what I read online which is that the toy was manufactured sometime in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

This is my first work I have done with the toy, gearing up with my first ten scratchy sketches, but I only have six so far! Artie is a bit of a challenge!

Artie Skethbook

You’ll notice I covered my notes. I like to leave a little mystery.

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