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Pen Drawing for the White Poodle


I took a moment to find the Inktober drawing I did that is the basis for the painting Doggie in a Diner. I like the mix of textures in this very much. The poodle is furry and the bag is lacy on one side and velvet on the other, and then we have the smooth glass of the maple syrup dispensers sitting in metal holders….and faux wood table top…and more glass and metal with the salt and pepper shakers…..and in the background a bit of nature with the sky and a few plants crushing up against the window.

I wasn’t thinking about all the textures when I drew this. I drew it in pencil first. I can’t remember if I drew it in pencil and traced it onto card stock or if I drew on the cardstock and then inked it in. I think I drew on the cardstock and inked it in. My aim was an accurate drawing. Comparing it to the photo I worked from, it could be a bit more accurate and so I am having to make adjustments here and there as I mentioned in the last post.

Composition is hit or miss I guess. If it looks good to me I don’t think too much further than that. I have studied a little bit about composition – for example how to balance smaller and larger shapes and what is a good number of shapes you should have and where should they be placed…..and then balancing the places you put lights and shadow and hues and intensities is a whole other fashion show.

After I transferred it onto the cardstock for the painting, I realized the cardstock was a bit flimsy for this but persevered because it is a study for a final project on canvas if I get that far. In places where the wetness of the acrylics was just about to soak through the paper altogether, I let that thinned paper dry and then brushed over it with paint straight from the tube allowing the paint to add a layer to the paper so I could work on top of that with the next layer.

There are a lot of ways I have to be creative aside from dreaming up compositions and the drawing and painting and so forth. I spend an enormous amount of time figuring  out how to save a project about to go wrong.  I have had more projects go wrong than not and sometimes think I stand a good chance of having things turn out well going forward because I have made every mistake possible and just MUST a some point stumble upon a working method by accident or design.

I suspect I am no natural talent so it has always been difficult to the point I don’t know why I go on with it. 😦 Well. What can I say. It seems I have to put something, anything down on paper. A scribble or a planned drawing or a blob of paint or a carefully placed and planned daub and that first dab or mark has to be studied because it will give me information on how to proceed – sort of like gazing into a crystal ball.

The White Poodle


White Poodle


A couple of years ago I was leaving a hospital after some minor surgery. As I was being wheeled out my friend and I passed the hospital gift shop. On a display stand where a whole bunch of stuffed animals – each sitting in a cute little purse.

Marvelous colors I noticed. Kid colors, pastels – pinks and pretty blues and pale yellows and oranges……. I spied the white poodle in the pink purse. “Oh, look! The doggie! Look at the pink purse! I want one!” I begged my companion to stop but she was in a hurry and rushed me by. She didn’t think I was serious. But I was serious.  I wanted the white poodle in the pink purse with its fur artfully kinked in a whimsical way and the soft purse with the shiny handle, a bow and lace covering. I loved it!

I could not stop thinking about the poodle and all the little pets in the pretty little purses. A week or so later I called another friend and asked him if he could take me to the hospital to get one of the little doggies. He was kind enough to take me. Thank god the poodle was still there!

Sometimes I wonder why something is so  important to me. I looked up these toys online and saw something similar but not exactly it, so I am glad I ventured  back to hospital gift shop to get the one I wanted. I could guess and say nostalgia motivates me, some kind of emotion. For many years I had a lovely white dog, Lolita who had been my constant companion through thick and thin. The poodle reminded me of her, unexpectedly, when I was anxious about the hospital.

I took  a number of photos of the white poodle on the hospital grounds and more photos later on when my friend and I stopped at a diner for lunch. I was like a mom with a newborn.

I kept it around my house where I could see it and just admired it for a while and showed it my friends who came to visit and told them the story about how I took a trip all the way back to the hospital to get it. When Inktober rolled around I knew it would make a good subject for an ink drawing. Which it did. The ink drawing  you see here is the working sketch for the painting. I photoshopped the original to remove the dark areas so I could print it without using up all the black ink. I then traced the outlines onto my work surface.

I started the painting of it a few months ago. I am struggling a bit with the color and I am struggling a bit with the drawing as well. The drawing isn’t entirely spot on, and I am having to re-draw a bit and re-paint a bit. Not too bad going, because this is acrylic.

If a shape is off, I paint over or around as need be with an opposite color to get the shape right. When I have the shape and proportions right then I go in and make it the right colors and fix where I interfered with neighboring elements or the background. Easy peasy!

This is why I go on about drawing all the time. I love paint and color and could play around all day just making random shapes. But I really like to tell a story. So the drawing is very important. Chances are I will re-draw something several times on a first attempt. I might do some re-drawing as I start painting (drawing with the brush). As I continue the painting, elements may or may not be “off” may or may not read properly.

I hope to finish this and finish it in such a way that I will be pleased with it and proud to show it off.