Monthly Archives: May 2016

My Outside Sketch

Taxi Sketch


I often leave the house without my sketchbook and then I wish I’d brought it with me. I happened to have my sketchbook and a pen the day I drew this. It’s not the most interesting thing I’ve ever done, but I think drawing outside adds its own flavor to the repertoire of technique in what I’ve been thinking of it lately as  – “the soup making of art.”

Lolita’a Story

Lolita with Santa

I have added Lolita’s story to the comments section of the contest. It is the story of my beloved rescue pet and how she helped me change and grow as a person – we learned so much from each other – patience, persistence and the necessity of joyful living even in hard times. Don’t forget you can vote once every 24 hours! Show your support for rescued animals and click VOTE in the box by Lolita’s portrait on the Dick Blick website –

Pet Portrait Contest Entry

Lolita was a rescued off the sidewalk. According to the vet, she had somehow managed to survive on her own for about two weeks and was about six months old. She was a lovely, feisty, little beauty and it was my pleasure to give her a permanent home and to care for her.

If you like my painting of Lolita, please click on the link and click “Vote” next to Lolita’s portrait on the Dick Blick Pet Portrait Contest website. Voting begins today and ends May 30th. You can vote once every 24 hours.

Show some love for our furry friends who love us through thick and thin and makes our live richer and fill our hearts and souls with joy!