Monthly Archives: October 2015

Clown in a Grey Suit

Accordan Clown

He’s an odd clown wearing a grey suit. I wonder what that means. The hair is bright orange and the eyes are bright blue and his face is a rosy peach and his mouth is painted goth black. I used a charcoal pencil on “up-cycled” packaging paper.

Packaging paper comes in an endless variety of textures and subtle neutral shades. It always breaks my heart to recycle something I can draw on.

The drawing is okay. Someone else might like it a whole lot or not like it at all. I did something quick and simple so I could say I did some drawing today. Oh! Cheating! I should cheat like this every day – I’d have a lot more to show for myself.

It’s always interesting to try my drawings out in color without having to clean up after, so here is the digitally painted version. It’s okay.

Accordian Clown with Text

Halloween is Creeping Up on Us!

IMG_0258 - Copy Project1

This is an ink drawing called Guarding the Polish. I was so intent on setting to work I didn’t notice the nail polish covering part of the bird skeleton and decided to just draw it in instead of moving it. Art is always about making decisions what to put in what to take out and sometimes leaving things a bit to chance is good too.

I try to practice with studies in pencil before I go on to ink or paint, as a sort of first shot, nothing to lose kind of thing. Forgetting that, I picked up my rapidograph and set to. In my defense, I did feel very free at the moment and was not inhibited by the blank page and the idea of wasting my precious ink.

For the exercise (everything is really an exercise) my idea was to start in odd places and draw my way around. For example, drawing the knee cap and starting to draw the leg bone up from the bottom to meet the knee above it.

I didn’t have an expression or pose in mind, but the bird is giving a bit of side eye – as if to say “I’m guarding some nail polish – so what?” I also liked the idea of coloring just the polish which I did with digital painting. I’m quite pleased with both versions and I like the drawing itself very much.

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for me to go hunting for interesting props. I added this plastic bird skeleton to my collection last year. My prop collection is extensive, although I am not sure what constitutes extensive. I do not have unlimited space for the accouterments of my trade, so to me extensive means I probably shouldn’t add to it this Halloween because there is a fine line between items I am inspired by and just plain CLUTTER or worse, hoarding.

I can guarantee I will go looking before I decide not to buy anything!