Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Art of Going on with Art

I wish I had a nice neat pile of projects in production complete with deadlines and time and space in between for wishful thinking and plans for the future. Unfortunately life walks in and out of my plans demanding immediate attention and it is easy to get lost and let the art slip away. I’m grateful to have a life, mind you, it’s just the getting lost of the art I despair over.

My plans for the summer to do some drawing outside were curtailed by allergies, very bad this year – after suffering several acute asthma attacks I resigned myself to staying indoors much of the season. While I myself wasn’t able to swing the out of doors art, I’m terribly pleased that I inspired my dearest friend from art school to start carrying a sketchbook and a pen. img014

This lovely contour drawing is a beautiful tracing from a distance – it’s charming and lyrical and the lines wander along but with grace, certainty and power. Drawing courtesy of Lorraine Nicholetti. Thank you Lorraine! Nice!