Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fish Swimming


I love paper. Paper bags, tissue paper, wallpaper, gift wrap, and now, fish wrap. What is fish wrap? Fish wrap is the lovely pale yellow paper my fish comes in from my local deli counter. Like all of my best inspirations, the idea to create art on the  fish wrap was preceded by “Huh. Cool. Crazy!” Me being me, I ponder further.  NICE paper! Draw on fish wrap? H’mm. I don’t know. Won’t it smell? But perhaps the briny fish residue will create some interesting effect?

I was never going to know how anything was going to look rendered on this fish wrap if I didn’t try. So I rinsed it off with cool water, mostly anyway. Enough so it didn’t smell too fishy. Hung it to dry.

Watercolor, I decided would be a fitting medium. Fish, water, color, paper, a brush – what would happen? Well, this. Fish Swimming, I call it. I think it’s fantastic.